Peace Be With You


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This gift trunk features a few very special gifts along side some delicious gourmet goodies & drink mixes. What a thoughtful gift to give to someone in need of some extra comfort and compassion.This Christian gift basket includes:Wooden Trunk With Lid and Picnic Style Handles”Peace” Soup / Cappuccino Mug with Lid/CoasterTriple Chocolate Fudge BrownieDouble Chocolate Almond BiscottiCoffeeChicken Noodle Soup For OneCreamy Dark Chocolate Wafer cookiesChocolate Espresso BeansChocolate Covered CherriesChocolate Covered BlueberriesEnglish Toffee caramelsChocolate PretzelsChocolate Cookie Grahams Text For Cappuccino / Soup Mug- Peace Be With You…I prayed the Lord would bless you with peacefulness and grace, And bring you deep serenity, wrapped in His embrace. May mercy, peace, and love be yours. -Jude 1:2

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