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How Gift Baskets Ship

We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping to making sure that your hand crafted gift basket arrives looking its best.

After your basket is prepared it is carefully shrink wrapped to protect and to further secure the items so they can be placed in a shipping box and sent on their way to your recipient. When the item is packaged your gift card that you had written during your order will be added to the shipping box-please be sure to sign your card or the recipient will not know who sent them the wonderful gift. The gift is carefully packaged in its shipping box with packing to protect it during the shipping process. We NEVER add an invoice or any items showing the cost of the gift to your gift.

When your gift basket is delivered to your recipient, all they need to do is open the carton, remove the gift basket and gently pull off the protective bubble wrap, read the gift card and enjoy.

If you have any questions about packaging or shipping please call 1-888-351-6710 and ask to speak to someone in our shipping department - we are here to help.